Dorice Dixon and Family

dorice and family

The adults in the back from left to right:
Mabel, Bliss's wife
Bliss Hudson, Faylisha's brother
"Tot" Clara (Hudson) Robinson, Faylisha's sister
George Washington Hudson, Faylisha's father
Edith Estella Hudson, George's wife and Faylisha's mother

Kids from left to right:
Hershel Hudson, son of Mabel and Bliss
Jimmy Pember, Faylisha's nephew, son of sister, Beulah
Marcelle Hudson, daughter of Mabel and Bliss
Dorice Dixon
Marceline Amack
Raymond Amack
Kenneth Robinson, Clara "Tot" Teresa's son

The Amack Family in 1943
Amack Family
Front Row from left to right with their ages: Darlene Amack-13,
Clifford Amack-43, Faye Amack-49, Marcellene Amack-23

Back Row from left to right: Allene Dixon-30, Dorice Dixon-27,
Bob Amack-15, Raymond Amack-22