A tourist Guide for Fredericksburg, Texas

Fredericksburg, Texas
Admiral Nimitz Museum in Fredericksburg

Fredericksburg is one of the most popular tourist towns in the state of Texas.  Fredericksburg has over 100 unusual shops featuring arts and crafts, antiques, gifts, clothing, jewelry, novelties, and more.  You will find plenty of shopping in Fredericksburg, Texas.  The main street of Fredericksburg is full of quaint shops and the side streets of Fredericksburg offer more of the interesting tourist shopping.

Shops along main street The tourists love shopping
on Main Street of Fredericksburg.

Pick up some Fredericksburg fudge,
stop at the German Bakery, look at the
hand-made candles, try a Dulcimer, buy
an antique or a gift for a friend back home.

Have lunch in a German Restaurant.

If you are a tourist shopper, you will love
shopping in Fredericksburg, Texas.

Fredericksburg is a town famous for its bed and breakfast inns.  They also have cabins for rent and motels in the area of Fredericksburg.  Fredericksburg is one tourist town you will not want to miss in Texas. 

One listing has Fredericksburg listed as the eleventh most popular tourist town in the entire United States.  Come to see why Fredericksburg is so popular with tourists in Texas.  You will love Fredericksburg!

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