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10 Point White Tail Deer
10 Point White Tail Buck

There are estimated to be over 7,000,000 White Tail Deer in the state of Texas. Llano County is called "The Deer Capitol of Texas" because of the large number of deer in the county. One day while on a trip through Llano County, a group of people counted over 125 deer spotted from the road as they drove through. During deer hunting season the deer hunters come to Llano County and the city of Llano by the hundreds, each hoping to bag the largest trophy buck.

Hunting leases are available on various ranches in both Llano and Burnet Counties. If you want a deer lease, be sure to reserve your lease well in advance of hunting season to be assured of a good lease.

White Tail Deer hunting season in both Llano and Burnet Counties is:
Archery Season - Sept. 28- Oct. 27
General Season - Nov. 2 - Jan. 5
Limit of 4 deer with no more than 2 bucks

Wild Turkey

Turkey hunting is also good in both Llano and Burnet Counties.

Turkey Seasons in both counties are:
Archery - Sept. 28 - Oct. 27
General - Nov. 2 - Jan. 5, gobblers or bearded hens
Spring Season - March 31 - May 13, gobblers only

Squirrel Season is year round with no closed season and no bag limit.

A new sport that has become very popular is hunting on exotic game ranches in Llano, Burnet and Blanco Counties for exotic deer, antelope, etc. This hunting is done year round.

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