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3 Essential Safety Tech for Texas Hunters

Freelance contribution by Sally Perkins

Each year, well over half a million Texan deer are hunted, with Texas having the largest deer population in the country. For locals and visitors alike, hunting is a major perk of being in the state. 21st Century hunters are more equipped than ever for a successful trip out into the woods, but have you got the technology to keep you safe in the great outdoors? Hereís some of the essential tech you need to stay safe from hurricanes and help you find that game.

Emergency Radios

When severe weather hits, you could be a long way from civilization and require support. Keep yourself safe with a durable emergency weather radio. If a heavy storm, hurricane or forest fire knocks out your electricity supply and phone signal, a radio can keep you in contact with the outside world and reveal your exact location.

They can also be used to send you an alert if bad weather is on the way. This will give you the crucial head start to escape from your location before putting yourself in any more danger. For reliable safety, invest in a decent emergency radio.


The Texas countryside is vast and finding the way can be difficult, especially for beginners. If you get lost, you could be stuck until well after dark and have to spend a cold night in the dangerous grip of nature. Donít rely on the internet to provide maps, but instead get a separate GPS system.

Youíll want to invest in something which has a good satellite signal because your safety may be dependent upon it working. Choose something with a long battery life and a clear screen to make your hunt go as smoothly as possible. This can help you navigate the area quickly and keep track of where youíve been.


If you really want to get ahead of the competition and pinpoint animals on the ground, then consider using a drone. Some states such as Colorado have outlawed this practice on the basis of classifying drones as aircraft. However, Texas still allows hunters to use drones for the purposes of scouting prey.

If you want a successful hunting experience in this century, then technology is a must. Keep an emergency radio and GPS device close at hand to keep you safe from bad weather and getting lost. If you want to take your hunting the next level, use drones to your advantage to pinpoint game and end the hunt on a high.

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